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Your decisions are your decisions

In 2009 our principal, Jeremy Norton, co-founded CAIS, a Financial Product Platform for the Modern Wealth Advisor. CAIS has successfully delivered "Ultimate Access" for wealth advisors across the US, Asia and Australia since then, and has become a leading and trusted solution for Wealth professionals who seek the best investment products for their clients

We are the strategic partner to CAIS in Asia Pacific, and at the core of our business is leveraging our relationships to bring previously inaccessible investment opportunities to our clients.

In doing this, we will provide factual information, as well as limited financial services (often general advice about the CAIS platform and occasionally the funds and products it makes available). 

We are not in the business of providing personal advice.  It’s not what we do.   Decisions you make as to the CAIS platform, and the funds and products available there, are made by you.  We are not responsible for your decisions, for CAIS or for the funds and products available.   No part of our service, including this website, takes into account your personal circumstances. 

That we may be able to give you access – directly or indirectly - to an opportunity is not in any way a recommendation it is appropriate for your circumstances. Seek professional financial advice appropriate for your circumstances before you make investment decisions.

Wholesale clients

For us to provide any financial services to you as a client, you will need to confirm to us that you are wholesale client as the Corporations Act defines this.  We will provide you with the paperwork for you to do this.  But even if we don’t provide you with paperwork or you don’t return it to us properly completed, by engaging with us you are confirming to us that you are in fact a wholesale client.

The main categories of wholesale client, generally speaking, include:

1.   You have an Accountant’s Certificate that shows you have net assets of at least $2.5 million or gross income for each of the last 2 financial years of at least $250,000.  In calculating these, the net assets or gross income (as relevant) of any company or trust the person controls (as the Corporations Act defines control) can be included. The certificate must not be more than 24 months old.  We accepts emailed copies. We can provide a suggested form of certificate if needed

2.   you are investing $500,000 or more at one time

3.   you and your associates (as the Corporations Act defines associates) together are investing at least $500,000 in aggregate.

4.   you and a company which you control (as the Corporations Act defines control) together are investing at least $500,000 in aggregate

5.   the client is a company or trust controlled (as the Corporations Act defines control) by someone who has an accountant’s certificate as mentioned above.

If in doubt, seek professional advice.  It’s important.

About CAIS

CAIS will have requirements in addition to our own. 

Entities associated with our principal have a small shareholding in CAIS.  We are the exclusive Australian distribution partner of CAIS in Australia and certain other Asian countries.  CAIS pays to us some reward for successfully introducing clients - this does not come from money you invest, rather from CAIS’s own resources.

About investment

Most often when investing, neither capital or returns are guaranteed. You can make money.  You can lose money.  Pretty much, you will always need to pay tax.

As with life, investing involves risk, and investing outside Australia often involves additional risks including that exchange rates may move and the value of your investment can fall.

Be smart: the world is an uncertain place, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of what may happen in the future. It’s just not. 

About tax

Investing involves paying tax, and investing outside Australia often involves additional tax requirements.  Seek professional financial advice appropriate for your circumstances before you make investment decisions.

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AIPX was established to provide investors across Australia and Asia with broad access to global investment products and solutions for their clients.

Founded by Jeremy Norton in 2014, AIPX offers a selection of global, institutional investment products and solutions, including Alternative Investment funds, Physical Precious Metals (for storage or delivery) and Capital Market new issues and placements.

AIPX Pty Limited ABN 38 169 567 426 is an Australian, privately held financial services company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and an authorised representative of Wentworth Global Securities Pty Ltd ABN 96 155 409 653 AFSL 422477.