AIPX was established to provide investors across Australia and Asia with broad access to global investment products and solutions for their clients.

Founded by Jeremy Norton in 2014, AIPX offers a selection of global, institutional investment products and solutions, including Alternative Investment funds, Technology Investments, Physical Precious Metals (for storage or delivery) and Capital Market new issues and placements.

AIPX is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

About the founder

Jeremy Norton is the Founder and Managing Director of AIPX and brings over 22 years of experience in global financial services and technology with a specific focus on US technology investments and alternative investments.

Prior to launching AIPX in 2014 Jeremy co-founded CAIS, a NY-based financial technology firm.  Established in 2009, CAIS has become the leading independent exchange for in-demand financial products servicing the global wealth management industry. 

In 2012, after 3 years in London and 15 years in New York, Jeremy moved back to Australia to focus on building CAIS in Asia and Australia.  

AIPX is the Australian and Asian distribution partner for CAIS, and several US based technology investors & companies in Australia. 

Mr. Norton began his career in 1998 at Fuji Securities (now Mizuho) in New York, where he specialized in institutional fixed income sales and trading.  In 2000, Jeremy moved into the Alternative Investment industry and since then has both invested in and worked with some of the most recognized fund managers and technology investors in the industry.

Jeremy grew up in Sydney before moving to London in 1993 where received his Bachelor of Science (Economics) with Honors from the University of London, England in 1997.